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是集钢结构制作安装,防撬防火钢质门的生产制造,蛋白质饲料的生产经营。 Henan Xinxin Group Company is engaged in the production and installation of steel structures, the manufacture of anti-prying and fire-resistant steel doors, and the production and operation of protein feed. Aquaculture, real estate development, etc.



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Based in northern Henan, rushed out of Central Plains and headed for the whole country

BUSSINESS Industries

Henan Xinxin Group Company is a manufacturer of steel structure manufacturing and installation, anti-prying and fire-resistant steel doors.
Protein feed production and management, aquaculture, real estate development, etc.

Company address: Customer service hotline on the east side of 107 North Road, Qixian County, Hebi City, Henan Province: 0392-7262333 24-hour hotline: 400-0138-865 Zip code: 45675 0
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